It falls under ginger family. It is a spice with warm and peppery taste.

About Tumeric

Turmeric has curcumin component that gives the spice its bright yellow color. From the roots properly processed is obtained from a powder yellow-orange very intense It is rich in minerals, curcumin, which is able to perform very powerful antioxidant for our body. Turmeric is also an excellent anti-inflammatory can also relieve chronic pain, and stimulates the immune system. Turmeric generally has elements which are essential in health as it helps in bowel diseases, liver, cancer cell growth arthritis and cosmetic industries for skin and other beauty products like lotions and exfoliating scrubs. It also contains antibacterial and antiseptic properties used in medicine and sterilization. Turmeric used in food processing High yield and quality varieties native to Kenya have been widely grown in the country and the production has been excellent. Our turmeric meet the high threshold of quality that meets and exceeds the highest standards expected in the world markets