Mangifera Indica.

Mangoes are botanically known as Mangifera indica

About Mangoes

They are mostly grown in coastline and eastern regions in Kenya. There are numerous mango varieties that you can plant in Kenya. Some of these are suited for the warmer climates while others will do better in slightly cooler climates Their essential benefits includes:

  • – Mango skins are full of fiber and edible if you are not allergic to poison ivy.
  • – Mangoes have sweet taste, reason why they are mostly extracted for juice when ripe.
  • – They boost immunity.
  • – Mango contains fibers which are very essential in preventing constipation and helps in digestion and improves metabolism due to potassium present in it.
  • – Mangoes have many health benefits.
Our Mango


Apple Mangoes

They originate from Kenya coastline.

The fruits are medium sized and round in shape and are firmly attached to the tree branches. They have a yellow to orange to red color when ripe.

The skin is usually smooth and thin and juicy yellow-orange flesh with excellent flavor with a texture ranging from fibrous to almost the consistency of butter.

Apple mango flesh taste sweet, fresh and emits a nice, sweet fragrance.

Kent Mango

They are coastline cultivator and other medium altitude locations.

It is large and slender with hook-like peak on the tip. The fruit grows from a greenish-yellow background color with some red blush as it matures to orange when ripe. It has deep yellow flesh very juicy, very sweet and great flavor, good quality and free from fiber

Kent mangoes are of large oval shape. When unripe, flesh will be firm and crunchy inside, slightly bitter or acidic.

They are available in large quantities between Octobers to February in Kenya.

Thanks to their texture and very sweet flavor, Kent mangoes are commonly used for juicing and drying. They are also widely used in baking.

Long Mangoes

Long mangoes are long, thin-shaped. It has thin, smooth skin. The flesh contains very few fibers and are usually green in color when unripe and it has tart taste.

Long mangoes turns from green to yellow when ripe and usually very sweet.