Ginger is a multiple branched rhizome with different shapes and sizes.

About Ginger

The skin ranges in color from light to dark tan depending on the variety. The thickness of the skin is directly related to whether the rhizome was picked early or mature. Underneath the skin, the flesh is firm, fibrous and ranges in color from cream color, yellow to brown, moderate hot flavor. Ginger has a long shelf life that can be up to 2 years when properly stored. Its suitable temperature is 12-13 degrees Celsius When fresh ginger is juicy, crunchy and the flavor of fresh ginger is slightly peppery and sweet, with a pungent and nice-spicy aroma. Ginger is consumed both raw and cooked. When raw it can be minced and added to smoothies or shredded or grated and mixed with salads and dishes, vegetables and other culinaries. It’s most used as a spice or herb in fresh, dried, ground or powdered form. Ginger is also useful health wise for cleansing body of toxins, antiseptic, circulation stimulation, fiber source and helps in digestion.